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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whose ready to play.....?

OK so I have seen a few sites that have had this little holiday jewel on their sites/blogs and I was like....HEY, I CAN MAKE THAT!!!

Well I did and here is what it looks like...

Here is what I used and what you would need to make one of these cute lil flags.

21 Jenga blocks
white spray paint (ONLY if you have the Jenga game version I had, Truth or Dare....I had to cover the black blocks up some how)
Acrylic Paint in RED, WHITE, and BLUE
Paint brush
Glue Gun and glue sticks
Star (I used vinyl and my cricut to cut the star but you could always stencil it on)
Felt (to cover the back after you attach your sting)
Twine/Jute/Ribbon/Wire (which ever you want)
Staple Gun and staples
Acrylic Sealer
Sand Paper (if you choose to distress it. I didn't cause like I said I had some black blocks to cover and I didn't want to take the chance of the black to come through)

Paint each of your blocks to the corresponding color (3 blue, 8 white, and 10 red)

Once dry start to build your flag by gluing them together (refer to picture for should be gluing them in rows of three across side by side)

Then attach/paint your star on the blue blocks

Cut your twine or what ever you are using to hang it up with to the desired length. Tie a knot at each end and attach it to the back of the flag  towards the top with the staple gun.

Once attached measure and cut your felt to fit the back and glue.

Then, if desired, if it is going to be hanging out side....apply your sealer.

There you have, easy and cute. Perfect for a mutual for girls camp idea or if you are bored.

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