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Sunday, September 6, 2015

In Case You Missed The Update

Like the heading says, in case you missed it, I had updated the link to the SNIPE bingo game that I had created for my girls to play at girls camp a few years ago. I have had several emails (many of which I did not see until recently and for that I apologize) that there were some issues with the link to download and then because the file that contained the boards was created in Publisher, not too many of you ladies had access to that program. 

So, to help remedy that, I have updated the link and the file should be in PDF form and all that is needed is a program that will read PDFs like Adobe which you can download for free at their website. 

So click HERE to be taken to the post and scroll down to the bottom and  you will see where I updated it. 


Saturday, September 5, 2015

What An Accomplishment

So I don't know if you have seen this going around social media but wow. This woman is amazing and goes to show just how far you can go once you set a goal and make up your mind that you are going to do it.
Let us take a moment and write down some PP goals for the week. Challenge you YW to do the same. Maybe it is just one value experience to work on or maybe it is a goal to find your PP book or if you know where it is to maybe browse through it and get reacquainted with it again.
Click HERE to read the story of this 102 year old woman and her journey through PP.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Been A While!

So I know that it has been a REALLY long time since I last posted anything on this blog. I am always getting new notifications on the FB page that their are new views and it has got me thinking. I really should start getting back into designing and planning activities to share with all of you even though I am still not back in the Young Women's program but I LOVE IT with all that I have and think that it is a VERY. IMPORTANT. program in our church.

So that being said, I have since switched from a PC to a MAC and have had to switch design programs (which I am still figuring my way around) but the creative juices have been flowing and you will soon start to see some new additions to We Are Daughters of a Heavenly King! 

Even though I have ideas in my brain, I would love to hear what things you would like to see me create and post that would help you out during your weekly activities or Sunday lessons and Personal Progress.