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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Loving Ourselves and Others

Here is lesson #40 for YW Man. 3. 
Paper credit goes to S&I
Click HERE for download (4 to a page)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Individual Worth

This handout/bookmark goes with lesson 39 from Young Women Manual 3-Recognizing our Individual Worth.  I used a quote from Sister Dalton's talk "Remember Who You Are! which can be found HERE. I loved this talk when I heard her give it in the 2010 YW General Meeting. 

So this is a double sided bookmark (one side has the quote the other side is just the plain red paper that way if you cut it out and laminate it and not mount it on to any other paper, you will at least have a back (just print page one first and then page 2 so that it is back to back). I think it would be really cute if you punched a hole at the top and inserted a ribbon or some sort to tag. This quote is a great reminder that we are someone special and that our Heavenly Father does love us. 
Click HERE for download (3 to a page)

Paper and element credit goes to Steadfast and Immovable (link in lower left side bar) from their Individual Worth/Celestial Values kit.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I am happy to announce that I have just created a twitter account for the blog! If you are on twitter make sure you follow us to get all the latest on what is happening with We Are Daughters of a Heavenly King! Also be sure to let us know so that we can follow you back! 

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Thanksgiving Day...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday (for those that celebrated it, of course). I had a great one! I got to share it with people I loved and that I think was the best part of  it all. I am truly blessed. If you would like to read up on my holiday you can go HERE and have a lil bit of a laugh!

Count your many, many blessings for you are loved!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good Health Habits

Lesson #38 from YW Man. 3...its on the word of wisdom. The first part of the handout comes from the FSOY booklet while the quote comes from suggested talks given on the FSOY website under Physical Health.
Paper and element credit goes to Steadfast and Immovable.
Click HERE for download (set of four pdf)

The Word of God as a Standard

I have finally got lesson 37 done for the YW Man. 3. Sorry its late!
Click HERE for download (4 to a page pdf)

Paper credit goes to Coreen Silke while flower credit goes to SP

PPW: 11/23 (but on Thursday)

So I am doing this on Thursday instead of Wednesday I know but it has been a busy week. Other than being sick, I have had family and friends down to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and my birthday (yes it is on Thanksgiving...I was even born on the holiday) so you can understand why  I have been busy on top of being sick. 

So to update you on my progress...I have completed Integrity #3. Working one Good Works #3 and hope to be done with the Faith experiences in about another week and a half. Hope all of you are able to complete your weekly goals!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the Season...

To get sick! Try as I might, I can not avoid the dreaded head cold around my birthday. Ugh! But on the plus side it does allow me to use my "down time" to get caught up on all the stuff I have been meaning to post and create. So my being sick and out of school on Thanksgiving break is a benefit to all of you.

Hope all of you are getting to enjoy the holiday season and remembering to give thanks for all the many blessing you have! Like one of my blessings is puffs plus with vicks, I can breathe again thanks to them.  Plus I am thankful for all of you!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can I Just Say

I LOVE THIS LADY!! I know, I know I am posting another video yet again. I just can't help it...I LOVE her stuff!!
This video is on virtue and modesty...a must see and possibly a great help for future lessons and/or activities.

Click HERE to share the video or to watch other Jenny Philips videos.

Jenny Philips video for 2012 theme

I going through youtube and browsing some of the pages I subscribe to and I saw this video by Jenny Philips. She is so creative and I love the story and analogy that she gives. Take a few mins and watch...I think you will enjoy it!
Click HERE to watch more of her videos or to share this one

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2012 Binder Cover #2

Here is the second binder cover that I have created for you all to enjoy. Simple and clean and classy. Contains all of my favorite colors. I am thinking about making class and presidency binders with this same concept and design, what do you think?
Click HERE for download of pdf. To save as a picture just right click and save jpg or click HERE to download jpg

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PPW: 11/16

So it is that time again.time for me to check in with you all and let you know how I am doing with my own personal progress journey. First and foremost I am still working on my faith experiences 1 and 3. I am hoping that come Thanksgiving, that I can pass off number 3 as I will have some family at our house (its just me and my mother at this point). I am still working at the whole praying thing. I have always prayed but I have always struggled with being consistent and doing it at least twice a day. I keep missing days so I have to start over again. I think I need to make some reminders and place them around my room and house to remind me to say my prayers. That sounds so bad to say considering my calling and as being a member of the church as long as I have. I will succeed and hopefully it will turn into a habit and I wont be able to function if I don't say my prayers. 

I have been working on Integrity value 3 I think it is. The one that lists a bunch of scriptures and people and you have to read and write down how they showed integrity and then share a personal experience of showing integrity. I am also starting to read the FSOY and working on the value that goes with that. I think it is choice and accountability? I can't remember and I don't have my book with me to check. I think that as I get finished with a section I will create a handout to go with it. We will see, with everything else I have to get done and caught up on we will see what happens with that.

So there is my status for the week. I am always looking at the book to see what I could be doing and getting ideas. How are you doing? I would love to hear!  

Monday, November 14, 2011


Alright, I know that I have said this before but I am sorry for not keeping up to date on handouts and what not.  Truth is that I have had some serious family problems arise that I have needed to take care of (there have been a lot of late nights) plus I have been trying to not get sick (so far I have succeeded with a near close call).

However, things have gotten better so I am hoping to be back on getting things updated and caught up. I do appreciate your patience and understand that family comes first. I do have some free time this week so I am going to do my best to get some of these sketches put into real handouts and post them. 

Thanks to those who have been so loyal and patient with me and I hope that you will keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Love you all! Remember we are all daughters of our heavenly father who LOVES us!

Friday, November 11, 2011

PPW: 11/5...LATE AGAIN!!!

It's Friday and I just realized that I didn't post an update for my PPW! I must really apologize, the last few days have been really nightmarish and have had some family issues come up that needed my attention. So please forgive for not getting this posted as soon as I should have.

This is going to be a short post as there is not much to update about. I have still not finished my faith values...I need to start over on my daily prayer for 3 weeks but I am looking at working on a few of the C&A, GW and Integrity values. Will keep you posted! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guys View on Modesty

I was surfing around on the web for some awesome YW ideas and one blog that I came across talked about this video SO I just had to go in search of it. It is an awesome reminder for our young women from the mouths of YM their own age!

HERE is the link if you would like to share or download this video

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Good Reminder

I know this video isn't new and I am sure we have all seen it when we watched the YW General Broadcast for this year but I wanted to share it with you...just as a reminder of the duty we have.

Click HERE for more information and sharing options.

The Book Of Mormon

This was a video that just came out on the Youth LDS website. I loved it when I listened to it. Hopefully you do too!
Click HERE to be taken to the website for more information or sharing options!

Something New is Coming Your Way!!

I got to thinking this morning as I was curled up in my bed with all my blankets and pillows not wanting to get up (does anyone else have those moments???) and it hit me....stay tuned for this new idea that will be coming your way! (I still have to work out the little details first...and I know I got to get going on handouts! EEK!!!) 

Here is a hint: It's a monthly thing... =D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

YWIE--It's Fair Time!!

As promised here is the run down of our YWIE night. I have pictures of every room but not the display room...there were too many people that kept getting in my way so I will describe that as best as I can.

These two pictures from above was in the primary room which we called for the night our "Grandstand." This is where the program took place. The banner that was hanging in front of the 3 pictures on the wall was made with 12x12 scrapbook card stock (bought at wal-mart for $5) cut in half then cut in to get the flag points at the bottom and then I used my Cricut Expression with the All Mixed Up cart. to cut out the letters using white card stock. Then it was attached to some medium jute and raffia bows tied in between the words and hung on the ceiling.  The value colored flags are actual material with black felt letters cut out and hot glued on and then attached to dowls.

The rest of the room was covered using red, white and blue crate paper streamers and ribbon hung from the walls to the ceiling (I know you cant see it that well). With some red and blue table clothes covering the chalk boards.

This was our food and games room. It was in the process of being set up so there are some things missing such as the ring toss and lemonade/water stands and some of the food (we had nachos, caramel dip and apples, caramel popcorn and popcorn goo (recipe to come as soon as it is shared) and cup cakes for those that won the cup cake walk! 

The girls (and their parents) were each given 10 tickets to use for food and games with their names on it...we had a drawing for some cool prizes. 

The rooms that were used for displays that I don't have pictures for were set up the same way...and had the same kind of table covers and color scheme. They were set up with name plates and pictures of the temple and Christ around. Then on one of the chalkboards there were pictures that were taken from activities through out the year that the girls could look at. 

Once all the items were displayed, we had our bishop and our stake YW president be judges and they awarded each girl and leader a ribbon for their award. I got the lives up to her goals award =) since they all heard of my story with reading the book of mormon. 
Once everyones displays had been "judged" and everyone had been fed we went into the grandstand room where we then had some of our girls perform or talk about their hobbies and projects they had completed. We then handed out awards (the ribbon book mark holders and ribbons if the girls had earned them and the special issue of the New Era that came out this year on personal progress).

We then had a short little presentation on the parable of the talents and then we closed with a prayer and had our drawing. It seemed that everyone had fun and I hope that it encouraged our girls to start working on their own personal progress so that they could earn ribbons for their new book marks!

PPW...a day late!!!

Sorry that I missed was crazy!! If you have been following this blog then you would know we had our YWIE last night and I spent most or rather a good chunk of the last two days (maybe 3) preparing for it. Which I will blog about in a different post. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I finished my Book of Mormon reading yesterday (Wednesday 11/2) at 2:30 pm. It was a bit of a challenge at times but it really was a worth while experience. I did learn a lot, not only about the people in the BOM but also about myself. 

I learned that the Lord does really look out for those that are faithful to his commandments and that follows his example. I have learned that greed and power are easy ways for Satan to take hold of our hearts. I learned that through true repentance that we can be saved and that if we have enough faith and are righteous that the Lord will bless us with what we need. 

I mentioned a while back about parable of the olive tree that was taken from the bible but can be found in Jacob chapter 5. As a leader of our ward's YW, I found this particular story to hit home. I learned that as a leader I am the person who tends the garden. It is my job to help see that the trees grow to the best of their ability. That they bring forth much fruit that they are capable of. I learned that each of my girls that I am asked to lead are a tree and there are those who are active (the good productive trees) and those who might be less active (the trees that produce but not as much as they could) and then there are girls who have been planted in bad soil and not tended and they are in a way "dead." As a leader it is my job to help those girls who are struggling to be the best of who they were meant to be, to reach out and graft together their branches with those of the gospel. To help their testimony grow and to let them know that they are of worth and they are Princesses and future Queens, that they have a father in heaven who loves them. 

It sounded better in my head 2 weeks ago but this is part of the things that I learned. It truly is a true book and another testament of the savior. He really does love us and knows us and wants us to be eternally happy not only here on this earth but in the life to come. I know that the teachings the book holds are true and that they are just as relevant today (if not more) as they were in the day that they were written. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God who was called to bring back the restoration of the Lord's church on the earth today. I know that President Monson is a true prophet that he has been called to lead the church today. I know that we are  also capable of receiving personal revelation if we have the faith and are righteous enough to receive it. We have the power to be examples of Christ and to bring others back to the fold. We might not all be called as missionaries to go to various places in the world but we can be missionaries here in our own ways. Whether it is by being called as a teacher or even if it is just leading by example. If we live the way we should we will allow others to want to know Christ as well. 

As for the rest of my personal progress goals, I did achieve my goal and earn my gold ribbon for virtue and my green ribbon for knowledge. My other two value projects are completed, I just need to finish the experiences to go with them. I still haven't finished my faith requirements that I have been working on...I got lazy and busy...oh ok...I got LAZY and put them off. I am going to set another goal to have earned my YW medallion before our New Beginnings (which I think is in Feb/March) so I will be looking at my goals and start completing them. 

How is your personal progress coming along? I would love to hear about your achievements (or lack of...if your like me sometimes) or any ideas that you might have or are doing currently to get your YW to work on Personal Progress.