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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heads Up

From my previous posts you all know that I will be gone this week thanks to Girls Camp!!! Life has been pretty crazy at my house getting handouts, and lists made and trying to get everything done before I leave on Tuesday! So excited (although I am not to thrilled at the idea of becoming some massive group of mosquito's dinner...hopefully the bug stuff I have works well).

So with all that centers around camp, and if you have EVER been involved in the planning, you know how crazy it can get. So when I get back I solemnly swear to start back on making handouts (I have a TON to catch up on) and getting more PP ideas out there. Also I will be posting a tutorial on our Paper Bag Scrapbook/Journals once I get back from camp! Also...I have been working with another leader to create an awesome Mutual activity....its a TREASURE HUNT!! so make sure you are on the look out for that, which will be coming your way.

I am hoping to get caught up before school starts again...wish me luck. Thanks again to all my faithful readers. I would love for you to follow me here and on Facebook....links for those are on the side bar. I would also love to hear from you! Any ideas that you would like to have shared or if you would like to be featured or guest spot on this blog let me know!!! However, whether you follow me or not (its always nice to show a lil love) I do greatly appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to support this makes me feel like I am contributing in some small way!

Camp is Just Around the Corner....!!!!!

As this post title is just around the corner. In fact it comes this Tuesday!!!! Eek!!! There is so much to do (little things) to get together and look where I am...I'm blogging!!!!! Shame shame I know my name....LOL.  Anyway, I just wanted to take some time and show you what I have been working on...

Will be posting a tutorial on this as soon as I get back from camp!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A girls camp keep sake....

Hello everyone! Sorry of the last few posts have looked different. I have been blogging from my phone. Anyway, as I was going through my check list of stuff i gotta get ready for camp I remembered these little I am not sure what to call them, I am currently taking suggestions via email or comment.
What these are are little books, i took plain 8.5 x 11 paper and quartered them, making 4 lil pages. I kept doing this until I have the correct amount of pages for each book. We have 9 girls and 5 leaders so I would make 14 books that have 8 pages (8 instead of 9 because they don't write a note to them selves).
So you give each girl and leader (leader books would have only the same number of pages as their are girls) a lil booklet of these cut pages. The object is for each of the girls to write an encouraging or positive note to each of the other girls. Leaders write a note to each girl. Then who ever is doing this lil project, gather up everyone little papers and then separate them out.
Next you take your covers (these are usually cardstock that have also been quartered) and put each girls papers insode.covers and punch a little hole to put a brad so that they are fasined together. When your done you should have a completed book for each girl with all of the notes written to her inside. These are great and be girls loved hearing the god and positive things their friends had to say about them.
Hopefully will be posting puctures up and when I get them ready to put together! Email or comment if you have questions!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camp jingles....

So I thought I needed to post something here to make you think I am still alive....yeah life in July has continued to grow even more hectic. But the last few weeknight activities we have had have been centered around camp, last night we worked on jingles. Here are a few of the ones that we came up with....

"Girls just wanna...."

GIRLS: we're woke up at half past 6
By leaders who say we need to awake and arise.
Oh leader dear- you know we still have some time
'cause we just want to sleep in
Yes, we just want to sleep in.

LEADERS: the girls cry at mornings first light.
We tell them they need to get ready for hikes.
Then our ears hear that same yearly cry
The girls don't want to go hiking
No, they don't wanna go

ALL:We don't wanna goooooo,
Go hiiiiiiiiiking.
When the morning light shines in
oh girls just wanna sleep in.
Oh girls just want to sleep in!

The tune of the chorus from "its raining men"

We're here @ camp! Hallelujah!
We're here @ camp! Amen!
We're gonna camp out, we're gonna sing and shout.
And cannot wait to jump in the lake!

We're here @ camp! Hallelujah!
We're here @ camp! And we're so excited!
Pranks, games, late night chats
Makin' memories we hope will last!

We are here at camp...yeah.

I am asking that if you are from the alameda stake that you do not use these as these have been the labor of some very hard working talented girls. Thanks for your understanding!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thanks summer...

Sorry for the absence....been super busy on camp stuff. I just realized that I have left you hanging with the lesson handouts and personal progress (mainly because I was taken off pp t focus more on camp stuff) but I will be getting things together yet again (yeah I know you have read that before) and will be posting some new stuff soon!