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Saturday, December 31, 2011

You Need 2 Check this Idea Out!!!

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I just had to share this wonderful idea that Kristin from Inkablinka came up with as a weekly reward for their wards young women for working on their personal progress. I love that it goes with the mutual theme for the year!  

You NEED to check this idea out by clicking HERE! To cute and super easy to make! Will definitely be sharing this idea with our YW president at our next presidency meeting. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PPW: 12/28

It is the last PPW for the year of 2011! Whew....what a year and journey through this wonderful program. That being said, with the closing of the year, 2012 is literally just around the corner!!!! Eek! It hit me that I made a goal to complete my personal progress leader requirements before New Beginnings (which I think is in February???) and there is still some large goals to accomplish. 

Who is with me in getting back on track and working on their personal progress with me??? Time to get off our holiday behinds and start the spiritual workout...let's get ready to grow!

Manual 1 Lesson 1: You are a Daughter of God

Posting lesson number 1 from the Young Women Manual 1. This lesson is a great one for all young women and their leaders to hear. We truly are daughters of our Heavenly Father who LOVES, KNOWS and HEARS us and we LOVE Him. The quote I used was taken from the wonderful talk given during the 2010 YW broadcast which you can read the talk in its entirety HERE by President Uchtdorf. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 

Click HERE for download (2 to a page) or right click to save as jpeg (high quality)

More Great Info Released by the Church for 2012!!!!

I have just been informed here that the church has released more resources concerning the new mutual theme for 2012!!!
some of the resources that are included on the site is a message from Elder L. Tom Perry along with videos for the YM and the YW from the respective general presidencies. Also there is a logo that can be used for just about anything that has to do with the theme (at the bottom under downloadable resources). 
Go and check it out! There is so much there that I don't have the time or space to share it all with you!
Click HERE to be taken directly to the youth church website where you can find all of these wonderful treasures!

Adding A New Feature to the Blog

Yes, I am finally incorporating pages onto the can check them out on the top of the page after the blog pic and disclaimer. So far there is only one page titled Recommendations which is a place where I am putting all of the talks and books that I think are great staples to have in your personal library in addition to the scripture of course. Take a few moments and check them out!

Also I moved the Links to other blogs to a page of their own!
Let me know if you would like your page/blog listed!

Another Binder Cover for the 2012 Theme

Slightly different from the previous binder cover that I designed...I am in a damask mood lately and not sure why. So I thought I would share another creation with you all. You can download it from 4shared by clicking HERE (its a pdf file) or you can right click on the image and save as a jpeg (high quality).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Update! PPW

Personal Progress Wednesday as you probably have seen has been temporarily put on hold til after the holidays. Between school finals and the Christmas spirit, I haven't had much time to update and inform let alone work on any value experiences (unless I have been and just haven't realized it).

Will start back up after on the look out! I challenge you to do the same and join me on my journey. Grab my button for PPW and share with everyone your commitment to finish and/or work on your own Personal Progress. I would love to hear from you!!!

Sister Dalton Talks to YW

I must be in a video sharing sort of mood because here is another video that I just love!!!

Click HERE for more information

I Am A Daughter of My Heavenly Father...Who KNOWS Me

I think that every Young Woman (young and old) and even the Young Men need a good reminder that their Heavenly Father knows them and loves and will never leave them in their hour/time of need. A very touching reminder and message. 
Click HERE for link to share or get more information

Youth.LDS.Org Video Intro to New Theme

I just love this video and plan on using it somehow for the new year!! It's way awesome and inspirational. Click HERE to be taken directly to the site.

A Little Bit More of the Christmas Spirit

I just wanted to share this video with you all before the holiday just in case some of you need a little bit more of the Christmas spirit and I might not be posting much til after the please enjoy. HERE is the link to the site for direct sharing options or if you wanted to read more on it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preparing for Change- Lesson 42

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So I finally got lesson 42 planned out and posted... unfortunately I didn't get this done before I had to teach the lesson two weeks ago. But as you might have already guessed it is all about change and preparing for it and loving it. 

So HERE is the link to download from 4shared-four to a sheet or right click on the image and and save as if you want it as a jpeg.

Monday, December 19, 2011

How Much Do We Really Know?

I love history and I love to learn about different organizations in the church and how they came about. 
Photo taken from HERE
I think this would be an awesome mutual activity/game to have during mutual...Stay tune for an updated post with a trivia game all about the history of the Young Women's organization. Click HERE to be taken directly to the page.

Have Creative Youth? Sure You Do!!!

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I don't know if any of you have noticed this announcement posted around your ward building. Ours is posted on our bulletin board next to the bishops office (you know the place where you can occupy your time when you are waiting to get in). 

This was mentioned at our stake training meeting last month and I forgot to post about it. The church is offering an international art competition for youth ages 13-18 to create a piece of art that goes along with the 2012 Mutual theme.

This would be a great opportunity to get your youth to create something that shows what the theme means to them and I am sure that somewhere it could go towards personal progress. Click HERE to get more information and the requirements for the competition. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

The new For The Strength of Youth

It is so great to be back and get a chance to catch up on all the wonderful things I need to get posted. I love winter break!!!

Photo taken from HERE
So I know that there have already been several sites/blogs that have posted about the new changes in the FSOY booklet. So I am not going to get to much into it on here but I wanted to share some info and the link on where you can find these changes and get a pdf copy of the new book. Although you should note that all of the youth and I am hoping the leaders too, will be getting a new booklet shortly after the first of the year, but if you cant wait, click HERE to be taken to the FSOY website at

For more information from the church on this exciting announcement, click HERE

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why I Have Been Absent

It's been a crazy month and its only the 2nd! How insane is that?!? I just wanted to let you all know that I might be taking a short absent (about a week) starting Sunday. Its the home stretch of the fall semester and finals are just right around the corner (literally!). I have 3 huge papers due by the 9th that desperately need my attention....(I guess that means I should not get onto pinterest near as and a Christmas party to attend to. *INSERT BIG LOUD GLASS SHATTERING SCREAM HERE*

Oh and I have also been busy creating a nice holiday countdown book. Obviously it wont be used for this year but definitely good for a gift this year. Been using my Cricut like crazy, so much that I have gone through a brand spanking new mat and two semi worn out mats. Good thing I found a post on pinterest about ways to refurbish the cutting mats...Zig Memory Stick (?) works like magic and its a pretty color blue...but sticky!!! LOL

Anyway, I wanted to give you a heads up about what will be happening on my end of this blog. I should say that I will be posting at least one more post for lesson #42 on preparing for change. I teach that lesson on the 11th so you all know that I will be creating handouts to go with that. 

So until safe, have fun and remember that we are daughters of a Heavenly Father who LOVES us!!

Learning to be Dependable

Lesson #41 from Man. 3 is all about learning to be dependable. I believe that EVERYONE should learn this. Here is the handout (pdf 4 to a sheet). Paper credit goes to JBaechtold's Heart kit.
Click HERE for download