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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am regretting to inform you that for a second....or third time my laptop (which has all of my designing stuff on it) is on the verge of finding itself on a one way flight out the window. Can you tell I am frustrated with it yet?
It is having issues yet again and I haven't been able to identify it nor has my tech guy and I am a little poor right now to buy another one...hey I am a full time college student who is not working because then I would never sleep. So it might be a while before I can post a handout... I will try to not let that happen. I think this is karma coming back to bite me for all the feelings I had previously mentioned.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lesson 6: Finding Joy Now

Here is the handout for lesson 6. Simple yet yellow for happy. You could attach this as a tag on anything yellow or happy.
Click HERE for download pdf 4 to a page

Lesson 5:Finding Joy in Our Divine Potential

Here is lesson 5's handout. It is the letter from the General YW Presidency that is included in the lesson manual. 
Click HERE to download 8x11.5 pdf

Here are two videos that are suggested for the lesson...they are wonderful. The first one is from President Uctdorf and the other is a video for YW to discover their divine potential

Lesson 4: Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost

Yes, I have finally gotten back to creating handouts. A little late perhaps...OK a lot late but I know that some of you don't always go in the order that the manual goes in. So hoping that this is going to be helpful to someone.

Click HERE to download a pdf set of 2

This is a great video from our church leaders on the Holy Ghost. Click HERE to be taken to the Mormon Messages page at to get more information or to share this video with others.