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Monday, July 18, 2011

A girls camp keep sake....

Hello everyone! Sorry of the last few posts have looked different. I have been blogging from my phone. Anyway, as I was going through my check list of stuff i gotta get ready for camp I remembered these little I am not sure what to call them, I am currently taking suggestions via email or comment.
What these are are little books, i took plain 8.5 x 11 paper and quartered them, making 4 lil pages. I kept doing this until I have the correct amount of pages for each book. We have 9 girls and 5 leaders so I would make 14 books that have 8 pages (8 instead of 9 because they don't write a note to them selves).
So you give each girl and leader (leader books would have only the same number of pages as their are girls) a lil booklet of these cut pages. The object is for each of the girls to write an encouraging or positive note to each of the other girls. Leaders write a note to each girl. Then who ever is doing this lil project, gather up everyone little papers and then separate them out.
Next you take your covers (these are usually cardstock that have also been quartered) and put each girls papers insode.covers and punch a little hole to put a brad so that they are fasined together. When your done you should have a completed book for each girl with all of the notes written to her inside. These are great and be girls loved hearing the god and positive things their friends had to say about them.
Hopefully will be posting puctures up and when I get them ready to put together! Email or comment if you have questions!

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