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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camp jingles....

So I thought I needed to post something here to make you think I am still alive....yeah life in July has continued to grow even more hectic. But the last few weeknight activities we have had have been centered around camp, last night we worked on jingles. Here are a few of the ones that we came up with....

"Girls just wanna...."

GIRLS: we're woke up at half past 6
By leaders who say we need to awake and arise.
Oh leader dear- you know we still have some time
'cause we just want to sleep in
Yes, we just want to sleep in.

LEADERS: the girls cry at mornings first light.
We tell them they need to get ready for hikes.
Then our ears hear that same yearly cry
The girls don't want to go hiking
No, they don't wanna go

ALL:We don't wanna goooooo,
Go hiiiiiiiiiking.
When the morning light shines in
oh girls just wanna sleep in.
Oh girls just want to sleep in!

The tune of the chorus from "its raining men"

We're here @ camp! Hallelujah!
We're here @ camp! Amen!
We're gonna camp out, we're gonna sing and shout.
And cannot wait to jump in the lake!

We're here @ camp! Hallelujah!
We're here @ camp! And we're so excited!
Pranks, games, late night chats
Makin' memories we hope will last!

We are here at camp...yeah.

I am asking that if you are from the alameda stake that you do not use these as these have been the labor of some very hard working talented girls. Thanks for your understanding!

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