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Thursday, November 3, 2011

YWIE--It's Fair Time!!

As promised here is the run down of our YWIE night. I have pictures of every room but not the display room...there were too many people that kept getting in my way so I will describe that as best as I can.

These two pictures from above was in the primary room which we called for the night our "Grandstand." This is where the program took place. The banner that was hanging in front of the 3 pictures on the wall was made with 12x12 scrapbook card stock (bought at wal-mart for $5) cut in half then cut in to get the flag points at the bottom and then I used my Cricut Expression with the All Mixed Up cart. to cut out the letters using white card stock. Then it was attached to some medium jute and raffia bows tied in between the words and hung on the ceiling.  The value colored flags are actual material with black felt letters cut out and hot glued on and then attached to dowls.

The rest of the room was covered using red, white and blue crate paper streamers and ribbon hung from the walls to the ceiling (I know you cant see it that well). With some red and blue table clothes covering the chalk boards.

This was our food and games room. It was in the process of being set up so there are some things missing such as the ring toss and lemonade/water stands and some of the food (we had nachos, caramel dip and apples, caramel popcorn and popcorn goo (recipe to come as soon as it is shared) and cup cakes for those that won the cup cake walk! 

The girls (and their parents) were each given 10 tickets to use for food and games with their names on it...we had a drawing for some cool prizes. 

The rooms that were used for displays that I don't have pictures for were set up the same way...and had the same kind of table covers and color scheme. They were set up with name plates and pictures of the temple and Christ around. Then on one of the chalkboards there were pictures that were taken from activities through out the year that the girls could look at. 

Once all the items were displayed, we had our bishop and our stake YW president be judges and they awarded each girl and leader a ribbon for their award. I got the lives up to her goals award =) since they all heard of my story with reading the book of mormon. 
Once everyones displays had been "judged" and everyone had been fed we went into the grandstand room where we then had some of our girls perform or talk about their hobbies and projects they had completed. We then handed out awards (the ribbon book mark holders and ribbons if the girls had earned them and the special issue of the New Era that came out this year on personal progress).

We then had a short little presentation on the parable of the talents and then we closed with a prayer and had our drawing. It seemed that everyone had fun and I hope that it encouraged our girls to start working on their own personal progress so that they could earn ribbons for their new book marks!

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