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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Individual Worth

This handout/bookmark goes with lesson 39 from Young Women Manual 3-Recognizing our Individual Worth.  I used a quote from Sister Dalton's talk "Remember Who You Are! which can be found HERE. I loved this talk when I heard her give it in the 2010 YW General Meeting. 

So this is a double sided bookmark (one side has the quote the other side is just the plain red paper that way if you cut it out and laminate it and not mount it on to any other paper, you will at least have a back (just print page one first and then page 2 so that it is back to back). I think it would be really cute if you punched a hole at the top and inserted a ribbon or some sort to tag. This quote is a great reminder that we are someone special and that our Heavenly Father does love us. 
Click HERE for download (3 to a page)

Paper and element credit goes to Steadfast and Immovable (link in lower left side bar) from their Individual Worth/Celestial Values kit.


  1. This is so wonderful - I love this quote! Thank you for sharing the bookmark :)

  2. Link is currently down..working on getting them all fixed so for now just right click and save as.

    Sorry for the trouble.