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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dr. Seuss Night

So I must apologize again for the absence...I have been busy helping my mom and her committee plan a state convention that was held this past weekend and I have only now begun to get my motivation back to do some things I have been meaning to do. Whew....its been a long week but I am back and have tons of ideas to share!

So let me start the next few posts with ideas that we have done for our YW and mutual. The first activity I wanna talk about about happened just this past week. We had our Dr. Seuss night and the girls (and leaders) had a blast!

The idea for this activity came from Sheri Dew's talk that she gave May 1, 2008 at the BYU Women's Conference. You can find a copy of her talk HERE and a talk that was given by the guy who is Famous for his cookies (Famous Amos) in a article he wrote for the Costco Connection a few months ago. This man compared the all time classic (and one of my favorite books) Dr. Seuss book:
to that of sales, Sam being the customer and the sales person being the other man in the story. How many times have you been bugged by one of those pesky sales people who just won't take no for an answer? Did you know that every time they get you to say no, you are one step closer to saying yes?? 
So the leader who came up with that idea compared that idea to that of the power that Satan has on the world. Are ya starting to see the connection??? If not let me explain our night a little more. We started off with a leader (and most of the girls) reading the story of Green Eggs and Ham. Then the question was asked, why we liked or didn't like the book. Then the leader brought up the idea that Satan is just the guy in the story who tries to get Sam to eat the green eggs and ham. He keeps pushing and pushing until he finally asks Sam to try them once. As we all know Sam gave in and found that he actually likes green eggs and ham. (Get where I am going now???)

So to get more into the whole understanding different ways how Satan influences us we divided the girls and leaders into two mixed teams. One team (which was the side I was on) played the "devil" and had to come up with different "ads" to get the others to do what ever the paper strip they were given said. The other team were the "angels" and had to promote a counter ad to persuade others to make the right choice (they had the same strips of paper).

So your are probably thinking what were some of these topics that our groups had to advertise? Well here were some of them (or at least the ones I can remember)...
*Modest clothes/swimwear
*Rebellious friends
*Pharming Parties
*Drinking Alcohol
*Making out
*Violent/sexual movies and music

The girls had fun presenting their ads for their different sides and here were some of the pictures that were drawn to emphasize their ideas....(SORRY THE PICTURES ARE NOT UP CLOSE)

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