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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Handout 1 for lesson 21 YWM3

Woo hoo!!! I think my mojo is coming back to me...haha however I still have a bag topper to contend with (I gave up on it earlier today). But like the post title suggests, here is one handout for lesson 21 Learning to Share the Gospel. Its a set of 4 (if you couldn't have guessed that by now esp if you have been following me) and I have also provided a link to download it as a jpeg (4x6)

Oh that brings me to my next thought...I HEART COMMENTS, EMAILS AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU FOLLOW MY BLOG, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE as well as PASSING ME ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS!!! Hint Hint....but in all seriousness I always love to get feedback from anyone who visits the site but like the Lord teaches...the choice is yours :) but I know that if you show some love you would be blessed beyond measure! is what your really after...
Click HERE for download PDF
Click HERE for JPEG


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