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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Personal Progress Helper....

We just had our PP fondu night...what better way to get your young women together to work on personal progress than by offering food!
Just to tell you what our night was, before getting into the reason behind this post, we had two different kinds of chocolate (dark/milk and white) and then we had a variety of foods that went with the colors of the YW Values (marshmallows for faith, blue gummy sharks for DN, strawberries and swedish fish for IW, granny smith apples for knowledge, yellow gumdrops for good works, orange slices for c&a, the leader who had purple wasnt there but you could use grapes or something, and then pretzels for virtue). We also had pp interviews with each of the girls (one on one) while the rest worked on their individual pp. We provide journal sheets, scriptures, magazines for the girls to use. It was great.
So moving on. I was searching all over the net for some ideas on how to encourage the girls to do pp. I saw that a lot of wards/leaders have the same problem, either the girls don't care for the pp program or they dont have time. I was one My Place for YW Stuff and saw this great idea. It was a spread sheet that laid out all the value experiences and how long you need to complete them. I recreated it using excel and then pasting it into word 2007 doc (I was trying to get it so I could get more than one on a sheet...yeah...I failed) but I also wanted to redo it because the original was so dark in color (and you really need to have it in color to work) that to print a ton of them out would go through a lot of ink so I lightened the colors up a bit.
Here is a picture, click HERE to download the word docx.

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