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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eek!!! I think I am on cloud 9!!!

So I don't normally like to use my blog to share useless bits of my life and bore everyone....BUT since this kinda has to do with girls camp I just have to share my excitement. Ready???

OK so here it is...I was at our local DI the other day in search of a used Jenga game (will be posting about that next) and instead of finding a Jenga game I stumbled upon a steal of a deal...I found three boxes of a 100 count clear Christmas lights for only a $1.50 each.

Each box was tightly secured with packaging tape so I couldn't look in to see what the condition was so I was debating. I don't like to buy things that might not work and at the DI you can never be to careful, but they were only a buck fifty each so I said why not. I got home and opened them up...they looked brand new... BUT looks can be deceiving so I decided to plug them in....EVERY SINGLE LIGHT WORKED...ALL 300 of them. I was shocked. So you can only imagine my joy when I experienced this fine moment.

Now I did say that this would tie into girls it is. At camp we have a nice little patio/eating area with metal picnic tables. Well metal heats up in the sun...(I try not to use first aid when ever i can help it) so we bring a couple EZ Ups to provide us with some shade. You see we don't get cabins...we sleep in tents. LOL.  So at night it gets really really dark and is hard to see...and I haven't quite figured out why we don't use propane lamps (probably because we are all down by the fire instead of by the tables). gets dark so to lighten things up a bit, a few years ago we saw another ward in our stake use Christmas lights to give light since we get electricity up there. So last year we decided to copy them and use lights too. However we had lights that were on loan from the bishops wife (who also is our YW pres) and I thought...if something happens to them I would feel bad. So now the girls have their own set of lights to keep each year to use.  Can you see my excitement now??

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