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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The blue, white and red....

So after going through some of my camp stuff and evaluating what I had from last year to what I needed for this year and I realized I need lanyards. You see last year I typed up the days schedule and gave copy of it to each girl and leader so they knew what was happening through out the day. The schedules fit inside the badge holders and were hung from a lanyard. This year I wanted to do the same thing but incorporate our wards theme, France, so I chained (crochet) blue, white and red lanyards for every one and if I don't say my self, they turned out pretty cute! Check them out below!!

The chain was about 50" give or take a couple and were made out of three separate strands of yarn with all three being crochet together to form one united chain. I loved this was Red Heart brand in the colors of red, royal and snow...the best part of it was that each skein of yarn sparkled!!!

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