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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Preparing A Talk

So last night our Beehive adviser gave a really good mini lesson to our girls about how to prepare a talk. She took her notes from the current (October 2011) New Era and Ensign. 

Here is what she did.  She prepared several treat bags that were filled with candy and a piece of note book paper along with small piece of paper (the girls could not open these bags when they got it). She then proceeded to ask questions based on things she had went over. 

Once everyone had a bag she allowed them to open them where, on the small sheet of paper, was a topic for a talk. The girls then had 10-15 mins to prepare a 2 min or so talk. We showed the girls how to use the scripture, FSOY, True to the Faith books and other resources. 

It was really good practice for the girls. Once they had prepared their talk they had to get up and deliver it for all of us.  They did really well for being "put on the spot." Such great sports. They also were able to pass of a PP goal (Knowledge #4).

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