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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party and Service Activity

I thought I would share with you what we did as our mutual this past Wednesday. Since Halloween is on a Monday this year, we planned to have our annual Halloween party on the 26th (the Wednesday before). However, we thought that it would be a nice change to do a bit of service for those who wouldn't be able to go trick or treating. 
At first this was going to the hospital and visiting the children's wing and take treats into them, then it was going to be at the rest home to the elderly and take them some pumpkin bread, but then we had someone in the ward with a truck full of potatoes (we live in SE Idaho...they are kinda a big thing here) and so we ended up going around to families in our ward singing pumpkin carols and taking them a bag of potatoes. It was a nice to do some service to those who can't get out or who are struggling and the faces on some of the families were worth it. 

Once we got done with the service we did head back to our YW president's house and had treats and a mini party. Everyone was all dressed up (I mean what is pumpkin caroling without a little costume??). Everyone had fun and got full on many disgusting looking (but really yummy) treats/food.

Click HERE for a word doc with some pumpkin carols and HERE to be taken to the Kitty Litter Cake post (we served this to our girls that was rather comical).

Hope your Old Hallow's Eve is a real scream! Be safe!!!!

Also be sure to check out my next post about some super easy candle light decorations we had on the food table and we took caroling!

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