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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PPW: 10/26

So here is my first progress report for PPW. I have to be honest with you all,  I have not hit my goal with the reading. I posted last week that I should be in Heleman chapter 11 today and I am only in Alma chapter 5. I am a little disappointed in my self for that but I know that I can meet my goal come our YWIE. 

I also need to report that I am still working on Faith value #1 and unfortinately I have not completed Faith value #3 but I have completed the following: Diving Nature #1, Individual Worth #1, Knowledge #1 and tomorrow I will have completed Knowledge #2. I am also going to meet with my YW president and see if my working on camp stuff will count towards a value project based on unity. 

So there is my progress report. I am still in hopes that I will pass of my faith value experiences by then and also my book of mormon reading. How is every one else doing? Remember if you wanna link up and share your progress that would be great! I have also created a button that you can post on your blog that will link back up with my Personal Progress Wednesday (PPW)!

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