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Friday, May 27, 2011

Frayed Rosette Hair Clip

So while I was browsing on of my favorite blogs,YOU SERIOUSLY MADE THAT?,  I saw a tutorial for making those fabric rosettes that I have seen on most every blog and in some ladies accessories and I am like "I could make that...." and so I tried and here is what I came out with...

Here is what you need:

Fabric of your choice -rip a 1" to 2" in strip (I just ripped the whole length of the material...i buy remnants so they generally are only 47" or so)
Felt that goes with your fabric of choice
Glue gun and extra glue sticks
Scissors (not pictured)
Hair Clip (Alligator kind)
Fabric to cover the hair clip (not pictured and optional)

Step 1:
Tie a know at one end of your fabric

Step 2 and 3:

Twist your strip of fabric and start to wrap around the knot. This will form your bud. Then start folding and twisting while you wrap.

Step 4 and 5:

Once I have a decent size bud and start of a flower I take a straight pin and slide it through the entire flower to hold it. This allows me to get my hot glue gun heated up and a chance to glue down some of the petals to hold it in place.

Then I start to twist and turn and start to glue every few twists so that it is secure. If you come to find you are out of fabric and you want a little bigger rosette, take another strip of fabric, and fold it in half and I dab a little dot of glue at one of the corners on the folded end and then glue it to the the spot on the rosette that I would have twisted and turned. Once done and you have your desired size, glue the end to the middle of the rosette to secure.

Step 6 and 7:

Measure and cut a piece of felt that will match the size of the rosette and secure it with glue (at this point if you desire to have it on a headband...only glue down the felt on the sides leaving enough of a space on either end to slide your headband through).

Cover alligator clip with ribbon if you so choose and glue to back of felt. Ta-DA!! Your done.

***If this tutorial is hard to follow (and I do apologize for that) check out the site where I got the idea from by clicking HERE.

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