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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Semi-done Started Crochet Headbands....

I told you in the last post that I was fan of the blog You Seriously Made That? which is done by the fabulous Cami...anyway she has another couple of tutorials that I tried...the Knotted Headband and the Double Flower Headband.

Here is the pictures of what I have done...The knotted head band is finished but the double flower one is unfinished as I forgot to get more ribbon to finish it off and I am changing the color of the flowers from grey to pink  Yeah, I finally finished the double flower head band....but again you get the idea.  Take a look at Cami's site for the instructions...they are super easy to create and super duper cute! (More so on her blog than in my pictures...they are not the greatest I will admit).

So I told you I was going to change the color of the flowers from black/grey to pink...well here is what my newly finished (after the blog the was posted) double flower headband looks like

Go check out the site to see her model this darling headbands!


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