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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{PPW} 1/4

Well here it is, the first PPW of the new year!!! Are we excited??? For those that are just joining us let me catch you up. I have decided that I am going to make my self accountable to each of you for my progress in completing my own personal progress. Each Wednesday (as that is the day my ward has mutual and it is easy for me to remember) I will report to you here about my progress. I will tell you what I have completed or, at times, what I failed to complete and also set new goals on what I want or wish to accomplish within the week. Whew....that is a lot of responsibility. However it comes down to this: how can I expect my girls to do their own personal progress if I don't do my own as well (I have to be honest though, the ribbon bookmark is a pretty good incentive for me to complete my PP). 

I have already heard from some of you of your success and fails to complete your own PP and I am so happy that I am not alone. I enjoy hearing from you and knowing your progress through this very enriching program. Keep me updated still on how you are doing!!!

Anyway, last week I made a goal to have my personal progress (all the requirements for a leader to do) by the time we have New Beginnings which is going to be sometime in February--yes I got to get on the stick. Then once I completed that, I am going to go back and complete all the remaining goals (a black out so to speak) and hopefully earn my Honor Bee. 

Right now, I am still struggling to complete Faith number 1. I have the hardest time remembering to say both morning and evening prayers! I know I shouldn't but I do I struggle with it. Sometimes I am so tired that I crash early and I am not a morning person so when I get up I am usually running to get ready. However, I have made a deal with someone to remind me to say my prayers and today he has done his job. Only 20 days to go. They say that once you do something for 3 weeks it becomes a habit. Hopefully that rings true because I need to get it into a habit.

Going through my PP book, I noticed that  a lot of the value experiences involves prayer for a few weeks as a requirement, I can easily conquer two birds with one stone so to speak.  I don't exactly remember which ones those are but I know that there is a few of them in there. 

I'm also working on my integrity and good works values along with the choice and accountability (all 3 required) so hopefully with any luck with in the next week or two I can provide positive feedback/news. 

That is a lot to undertake but when you read them, they all sort of go together any way. I have also gone through and looked at the optional experiences for each value and realized that I have done more than what I thought I have so I am well on my way to getting a black out. I am learning so much from working on my own personal progress. It is interesting to think back and compare the goals that I did as a young women back when we still had Beehive 1 and Beehive 2 etc with required list of goals to do versus what these girls have to do today. Amazing and humbling at the same time.  

I love working on personal progress. I truly believe that it is an important part of the the YW program and an essential need for any one growing up in the world today, especially as a teenager. It provides so many teaching opportunities and life skills that kids today don't get the chance to learn. It has brought numerous blessings and wisdom into my life. 

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