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Monday, January 2, 2012

Accept and Act: PP value exp. to go with lessons

If you are like me, you try to have the girls apply personal progress values experiences with each of your lessons as suggested in the resource manual. However, since you can only find the resource manual online, I thought I would create a PDF document that listed each lesson and the personal progress values that go with it. That way you can plan handouts or activities that would help the girls to pass off that particular experience. 

Have you checked our the resource guide yet? It is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, it includes a ton of talks and media that fit perfectly with the lessons. Click HERE to be taken to it. Once there, just click on the second link to get just the guide or the first to get both the manual and guide.

Click HERE to download the pdf file of the personal progress values that go with the lesson list-3 pages.

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