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Monday, April 4, 2011

OOPS! I found a mistake...

To my dear faithful readers...I HAVE FOUND A MISTAKE!!!
So I really apologize if you have taken the time to download it and use it in some way.

I am sure that most of you have received that email that you can read even though all the words are jumbled up except for the first and last letters? They say it is because the human mind/eye doesnt read each letter individually but as a word in whole...I am thinking I seriously believe that now.

With that being said, as I was laying down on my bed taking a nice nap (my young women's binder was laying next to me) I awoke and with sleepy eyes I realized that I had mispelled the second Virtuous on my first binder cover that has the mutual theme on it for the year by adding a "R" to the word.
How crazy was I not pick it up when I had first created it??

So I will be posting a revised, CORRECT binder cover sheet and image(for those who printed off pictures of it) by the end of the day...TODAY. Sorry for the mistake and the confusion!
I really do try to create things that are free of any mistakes but if by chance one slips through the cracks and gets posted please please email me at and let me know of any mistakes you see or found and I will correct them ASAP!!!

Thanks for understanding!

****UPDATE: I have fixed my error and the correct one is ready for download...thanks for your patience.

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