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Monday, April 4, 2011

Here is a crafty idea that is easy and cute

I was cleaning out some of my girls camp totes looking for who knows what, I found my journal/notebook that I created and that we ended up doing as a craft project up at girls camp. All of the girls and leaders thought they were cute and easy to make. In fact I had some girls wanting to make a second or third one.

I like this idea because it provides a journal for those who might not have one or brought one to camp but it allows the girls individuality come through. There are also nice in making a boring ol' composition notebook look cute.
So lets get started...

(*NOTE: I will be posting pictures to accompany the instructions soon!!!)

Here Is What You Will Need

Composition Notebook (regular or mini size)
2 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper (12x12 works best)
2 sheets of plain colored scrapbook paper (12x12 because you will need the scraps to create the side binding)
Pen/Pencil to trace outlines
Scissors or paper cutter
ModgePodge (I used the matte finish) or Acid Free Double Sided Tape
Small Foam Brush
Ribbon (optional)
Assorted Embellishments (I used the rhinestones and applied with Jewel It)
Newspaper (to protect your work surface from getting sticky)

The first thing you are going to do is trace the outline of your notebook to the scrapbook paper of your choice. The plain color will be the inside while your patterned paper will be on the outside. ***NOTE: the outside cover can be a little shorter than the width of the outside cover because you will be covering it with the binding  BUT YOUR INSIDE HAS TO BE THE SAME!!! or else you will have an ugly white line/space.***

Once you have your lines traced, cut them out and then line them up to make sure that they fit and that you have the front with the correct cut out fronts and the back with the correct backs.

Once you are satisfied with your cut pieces of paper, starting with the inside covers, modge podge (or tape) your plain scrapbook paper to the inside. Making sure that you get clear to the edges and there is no air bubbles. Repeat with other inside cover.

Next apply the outside covers to both the front and back with modge podge. Again making sure that there is no air bubbles and that the edges are securely fastened down.

Now for the hard part...(OK so it might not be that hard but pay attention)....Take a piece of what ever you used for your inside cover color and cut about a 4 inch wide strip or so that fits the length of the book. This is going to be your new spine/binding. Test it by shaping it to the notebook itself. Making sure that you get the back spine even as you can with the front spine. If this seems to be to small of a binding for you, you can trim it or make it bigger...its your call.

BEFORE GLUING, CHECK TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NOTEBOOK IS FACING THE RIGHT WAY!!!! Now that you have your spine binding measured and fitted, take some modge podge and glue just the back and the middle of the spine LEAVING THE FRONT UNATTACHED.

Take your ribbon (if you have chosen to use it) and loop it around the open part of your spine cover and tie a bow on the front. You might have to take some modge podge and glue down the ribbon in a part or two on the inside of the spine not on front. Once you have your bow where you want it, apply modge podge to the the inside of your spine cover and firmly press down. Again making sure there is no air bubbles and that the ends are securely fastened down.

Then apply your embellishments as wanted.

Ta Dah!!! That wasn't to bad now was it????

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