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Thursday, September 1, 2011

...Search of treasure? Part 2

Thanks for checking out the second part of this post. I was worried that the other post was getting to be rather long. I told you I would provide to you the clues that we used. I will share them here and then  when I get them typed up in a word document I will post them as well. I just took an extra copy of the clues...I actually didn't type them up...the words in ( ) are the answers to the clues we used.

1. Ye will need to seek high and ye will need to seek low, if you want to get close to gold. Seek ye in a small space where the water runs both hot and cold. (Handicapped Bathroom)

2.Aye...Nothing beats a good pirate performance! "Under," over, in out...look carefully for your next clue. (Stage)

3.Ahoy mateys! Pirates often have secrets or skeletons in their closets. Sometimes they have them in their family "trees." Sometimes they are "stored" away from the the ship. (Storage shed in back of church)

4. Ahh, our dear Captain is a busy man! He believes we should improve on our reading skills while we wait to talk to him.  (Bulletin board by the bishops office)

5. Pirate ships are usually hot and stuffy. A chill wind blows today. Brrr...its freezing in here! (Freezer in kitchen)

6. Davey Jones' locker is as big as the deep blue sea. However, young, 8 year old Pirates get their feet wet in a much smaller sea.  (Font Room)

7.The ship's mast is tall and inspiring to all who cast their gaze upon it. Our ship's mast is pointing to heaven. (Steeple or wall nearest to steeple)

8."Train up a child in the way he should go..." Pirate children must learn, too. Get them while they are young! "Babies" are even better! (Nursery)

9. The ship's doors seem to say, "Shh, Be Still." You will find the treasure you seek near by. Look closely. (Chapel overflow)

10. Aye...all this searching for treasure has made me thirsty! I need a drink! (drinking fountain)

11. The Captain is sending you down into the bowls of the ship. Below deck level can be a dark place. Beware of the young men who hang out there! (Stairs leading to the scout room)

12. Your beginning is where you will end! You have collected valuable treasures along the way...but the best is yet to come! (Primary Room)

The clues that we had matched the maps. They were made out of the same brown card stock and crumpled up just the same and then laid flat to dry. We had an old antique key stamped onto the front of the clues. 

As you read from the last clue that was took our girls back to the primary where we had started. Let me share with you our decorations. We raided our local dollar store into the party isle and found maps, and hanging things from the ceiling. Treat bags (which we bought some plastic gold coins and put four coins in a bag). We had the sound track from the first Pirates of the Caribbean playing in the background the entire time. All of the leaders involved dressed up like pirates. 

We had wanted posters placed with fun pictures of our two pirate thieves. They were stationed all over the church (depending on the clues) and they "attacked" the girls by taking their cell phones and shoes and hair clips...anything that could get their hands on. We told our girls that they might have to barter for things...none of them did. 

As part of the hunt, their were 3 stations before meeting back in the primary room. The family tree (clue 3 would be the clue leading to this station). Here we had one of our YWs mother talk about the past...she shared stories about her past and present and also about her daughter as a baby. A family history type of thing.

The next station was in the font room. We had a lady come in and talk about education and studying habits that the girls need to start develop and how they will help them in college and life (this was great since this activity was the night before school started).

Then they would start the clues that would take them to our 3 station which was in the chapel overflow. We had a lady come in to share about how personal progress and goals will help get the girls to their future and the importance that those two items. 

Finally the end of the hunt led the girls to a large treasure chest (we had jewels and candy (oh at each of the station they would collect treasure which was candy like ring pops, candy jewelry, hershey nuggets and any other candy that was gold or silver) and was spot lighted. Here we had a member of the stake YW presidency speak to the girls about the ultimate goal and the cummulation of the hunt (past present and future) about going to college, getting married in the temple and then starting a family and then concluded with the ultimate goal of returning back to Christ and our Father in Heaven.

We closed with the map handout and prayer. It was a great night and the girls had a ton of fun. I will hopefully get some pictures from the person who was taking pictures and get them posted on here. I will also type up the clues and the intro script and post them on here as well. 

Click HERE for pdf of Clues, Answers, and Send Off Script

Any comments or questions just let me know!

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