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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aye, are ye in search of treasure? Part 1

So I just wanted to take a few moments and share with you some of our mutual activity that we had last night. I do not have actual pictures of the events that took place (hopefully I can get a copy of those pics so I can share with you all on here). 

So as you can see from the last post and the title of this post that we have taken our girls on a treasure hunt. Our inspiration came from a talk that President Monson gave at BYU in 1997. You can find a copy of that talk HERE

Once we had our "muse" we set out for invites...

For the invites I used Srapbook Max to create. I borrowed a  black and white image of the skull and crossbones, except for this I used the skull and swords...once I had my image I lightened it up so it was pretty much just in the background.  I used the font Pieces of Eight (very close and sometimes used, I heard, for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. You can find and download the font HERE. Its really cool in my opinion. I have these if you would like a pdf copy of them...I can personalize them for you too. Just comment me or sent me an email.
Once I had them I just printed them out on paper (the one you can see in the pic I took Tim Rangers Tea Dye ink pad and went around the edges cause I couldn't find my black...but since it didn't go with the rest of the invite I left it off. So to finish it..I cut and rolled it up and then some twine/hemp/jute cording to tie it up and then I placed them in a glass bottle.

For our handout out to give to everyone at the end of the night...

 OK, this looks a little different. The paper that we used is actually card stock! It looks like a brown paper bag but I assure you it isn't. I don't know where my other leader on this project got it...I think it was Michael's craft stores. So it came in the size of a 8.5 x 11 sheets. What we did was take it and cut it in half. I found a treasure map from Google and used my nifty scrap booking program (you can find out about it HERE) so I could get two maps to a page.

Here comes the tricky part. To get the crinkle effect, you have to spray the paper with water. Ink jet printers will work if you let the ink sit for quite a few days...and you really only want to spray it enough to make it soft enough to crumple it up. Laser jets are awesome! We went to Office Max and photo copied it. This was great but the toner on the paper would rub off when it was wet and crumpled I ended up having to go over ALL the maps with a Sharpie prior to wetting it. 

Once wet and crumpled...uncrumple it and let it dry flat. Once it was dry (and it doesn't take long) apply a jewel heart on the "X"

Once it was all dry and the heart is glued on we go to the back of the map. Here we have the scripture from Matthew 6:19-21 and a little bit of the talk that Monson gives us. This was typed up and cut out with a cricut embellishment. It was stressed with a stamp background to give it an aged look with the stamp up caramel color ink pad (not a member of the club so not sure of the name). Then it was applied to the back with glue and then we glued three represent the past present and future. 

Check out part 2 for the rest of this activity (mainly the clues and script).

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