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Friday, September 2, 2011

Camp Pictures....

Or at least what I was able to take...still waiting on some more (fingers crossed)

 Most of the above pictures were taken at around 630 in the morning....with the exception of the top photo

 One policy was that everything had to be put away before they went to bed...the items that were not were placed in the "UH OH" box (kind like a lost and found) and in order for the girls to get their stuff back they had to do something to earn the two pictures above are of two of my girls "butt writing" their names...its really funny to watch....especially when you have them do their full name!

Pictures of our skit...we kinda did a night at the museum meets harry potter type of a thing. Since we were France our setting was at the Lourve and the girls were on tour and every time they would pass one of the "works of art" something would the painting or statue would interact with them in some sort of way...cause the girls to get our security guard to have them look...nothing happens and everyone is still and in their places...etc...finally it ends with the tourist running out screaming and the art having a big a nut shell.

The rest of my pictures were of the fire...I love fire so I couldn't resist taking photos of was my down time so to speak

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