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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camp Crafts....Part 2 I am back with a part two of our camp crafting adventures. Our stake had several crafts to do while we were up at camp. Besides rolled fabric rosettes and fabric die-cut flower clips we made button bracelets.

I know bad lighting and I am so not a jewelry model

Here is what you need:
Assorted buttons (any where from 20-30 give or take)
Clear beading/jewelry cord that stretches

First you will take the cording and wrap it twice around your wrist. This way you will get a bracelet that is big enough to slip on but not overly big while at the same time providing enough extra cording to "sew" or string your buttons on.

Once you have your cord measured, cut it. Then you will string your first button on MAKING SURE YOU LEAVE ENOUGH ROOM AT THE END TO TIE IT OFF!!! 

Depending on how you string your buttons and the size you use, your bracelet might turn out chunky or flat...this simply comes from trial and error and undoing and redoing the stringing. 

Once you have your bracelet the way you like it, make sure you securely tie it off (we tied ours about four times) and then gently stretch it to make sure it wont come undone...once you are satisfied...cut off the extra lengths. Viola! You have a new accessory.

These are pictures of my bracelet...I used all pink and grey buttons to make mine.  

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