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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Preping for our ward's camp kick off

I have been spending most of my time since Thursday night thinking of ideas that we could use for our camp kick off. Since our Stake leaders had chosen "Holding Hands Around the World" as our Camp this year, our ward has chosen France to be the country we represent. But if you read the last post, you would have already known about that =]

So like I said this is still in the planning stages and I am working with two other leaders to get the final details figured. This is what we have so far (pictures to come as they get taken or when projects get finished):
We thought we would do a flight to France. I had found on Sugardoodle this idea which shared this link to being able to create your own air line tickets.
The website has a place where you can enter a name and also destination. I have left those specifics off this particular picture but they are included on the girls tickets.

My other leader is creating the sleeve that will house the ticket withthe information and dates about camp listed on it. We had even joked about making them use it to get onto the bus when they actually leave for camp.

Anyway, we are going to have them "check in" and move to the "Security" section. Here we will have our opening excerises before loading the plane (the room we are planning on using for this is an adjoined room with a door in the wall leading to the next room). The room they will now enter will be set up like the inside of a plane. We even have a script (which will be posted at a later time) that our flight attendant will read and for our in flight movie, we will have a leader give a presentation on unity (since that is the purpose of camp this year). They will even get snacks to eat while on the "plane" -we have small water bottles and fruit snacks.

Once the presentation is done, we will have our flight attendent announce that we are making our final descent etc... then the girls and other leaders will be ushered in to the Primary room which we will have decorated with french items, have the national anthem playing.... Once they get there we will have some info on France (like culture, food, traditions, etc.) and then that will lead to a discussion with the girls to get their ideas and their objectives for camp this year.  Then of course we will have french refreshments.

Again this is still in the planning stages and I still need to get some apporval from the YW president (which I will talk with tomorrow) and then hopefully I will post some pics of what we have done thus far.

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