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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bonjour! Welcome To Paris....Camp Kick Off 2011

So sorry for making you feel like I have abandoned you all...that has not been the case. Just got swamped with last minute school projects and assignments and girls camp and now trying to get over being sick. So with that being said, let me show you our camp kick off. It went off great and the girls had a blast with it.

First, you saw from the previous post a generic ticket which was similar to what we used. One of the other YW leaders made this great sleeve to "house" the ticket.

email me at  if you would like a copy of this sleeve...its editable and is a word doc. The band is not included but but they are simple to make. Our band had this year camp theme scripture from Mosiah 18:21.

Here is the primary room, it was set up kinda lke a bistro style setting (we were short on time and desperate to get it completed before others arrived). The top picutre contains sillouettes of The Eiffle Tower, the Arc de'Triumph, and Notre Dame Cathedrial. Then there was three tables set up and covered with table clothes that had a basket that was filled with 7 different kinds of cheese and slices of white and whole grain bagettes. Then on the plate aside was some french coconut macaroons and doughnut holes and home made grape juice.

Here are some of our leaders and girls that were there with us that night. We had the class room set up like an airplane. We had a stewardess and a ticket clerk. Here the girls had in flight snacks (mini water bottles and fruit snacks) and a presentation presented to us by another YW leader on Unity which was this. If you take a single pencil, it is easy to break but if you try to break a whole handfull at once, it is harder to break. Each pencil is different just like all of us are different, but when we work together we can become united unlike the single pencil who chose to go away from the group. We then passed out last years certification certificates (yeah, they were late in given them to us this year) which after that, we had landed at our destination.

Once we landed in France (no remember not one of the girls or leaders knew where we were going) we had our YW President greet us and tell us some infromation about France then I handed out to the girls a sheet of paper and had them list 3 things they liked about camp last year, three things they did not like about camp last year, and then what they wanted to see, or do, or eat this year at camp. Then we concluded the night by singing the song "Holding Hands Around the World" which can be found HERE.

Overall it was a great night, like I said earlier, the girls and leaders all had fun and came up with some terrific ideas. They are excited about camp this year which I have to say makes me excited about it too. Again, sorry you had to wait but I appreciate your patience and loyality.

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