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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Importance of Good Healthy Habits

My first activity as a newly called leader of Activity Days was one that I think is very important. It was based on eating healthy and being active. Here is my tie in for the YW program and Personal Progress-this falls under the value Knowledge as an idea for the value project or even under the requirement #2 of that same value. For the Faith in God program, this falls in under the Developing Talents section. Win win!

We started out with the girls each picking a food item. Now some of these items were healthy and some were of the sinful variety like chocolate chip cookies (YUM!). We had the girls look at the labels and we talked about serving sizes and calories and carbs and sodium and the like. We then talked about eating a balanced meal and how we can have the not so good stuff in moderation but our diets shouldn't be made up of junk food. We talked about how our bodies are temples and just like going into the temple and having to be worthy to enter, we need to make sure we are putting "worthy"   food into our "temples" and that along with eating right we need to exercise and keep our bodies active. 

So now we moved on to the active part of the night, we took the girls into the gym/cultural hall and ran some relays and some quick minute to win it type games that are more based on movement. The girls loved this and it was quite fun to watch them as they started to cheer everyone on. For refreshments we had some fresh fruit and veggies along with some water.

Here are some links to Nutrition Info:

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