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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Rainbow of Values

I saw this idea at Curly's Creations  that someone had posted and I LOVED it. Its pretty much the same as what was posted there, but instead of putting the ribbons on the handle, I decided that I would tie them around the rim of the basket.

You Will Need:
1 white wire basket (found at Dollar Tree)
Ribbon in the colors of the YW Values

All you do is cut ribbon in about 3 inch stips (or what ever size will work for you and your basket) and tie the ribbons to the basket.  For mine, I tied 2 ribbons in one hole.

(close up)

This idea is perfect to hold any handouts for lessons or a place to hold cell phones (if you have that problem) or treats. The possibilities are endless!!!


  1. Thanks for posting about my basket. I just found your website!

  2. Your so welcome. I love to give credit where credit is due especially when someone (like yourself) is so creative and comes up with such cute items. Thanks for the inspiration!!