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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute Idea For Teaching Lessons

When I was called to the YW's program, I knew that I would end up teaching some lessons. Which at the time was a scary thought as I had only taught nursery lessons up until this point. Anyway, that is another story let me get back to this one. I knew I would be teaching and I love to make print up a wide variety of things so that the girls have something to look at. BUT I hated having to deal with tape or pins or those little clips above the chalkboard that never really seem to do the trick. So as I was walking through one of our local craft stores, I saw an idea that would be perfect! So easy that even I could do it with out messing up to much!

Here is what you need:
MODGE PODGE (the glossy one)
SCRAP BOOK PAPER SCRAPS (and I know that most of you have this just laying around)
CLEAR GLASS STONES (found at craft stores in bundles about 1" inch in size is good, I found mine for about $4.00 for about 20 stones)
MAGNETIC BUTTONS (found these in the craft isle at Wal Mart)
NAIL FILE or FINE GRAIN SANDPAPER to smooth and file the edges
SCISSORS or STRAIGHT EDGE BLADE (the little orange thing in the picture)

STEPS (will post step by step pics SOON)
1. Take scrapbook paper and find a nice design on it that you want on your magnet and cut out about a 1 inch square (or large enough to barely fit the area of the glass stone you are using.

2. Once you have your picture, take some modge podge and paint brush and brush some on to the flat part of stone and press hard against the paper and smooth out.

3. Once paper is securely modge podged to the stone, take scissors or blade and trim around the stone.

4. Take sand paper or nail file and file the edge of the paper down to the stone so that there are no rough edges.

5. Take hot glue gun and one magnet and glue to the center on the back of the stone.

6. Repeat steps until you have done all you are going to do. (Yes, I know I didn't write it but easiest thing to do is get all your stones and paper modged podged together  and then glue the magnets to the backs of stones).

It's really that simple and they turn out really cute and hold well on chalkboards (even through card stock!) and the possibilities are endless!!!

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