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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Redemption of the Dead

Last night the youth and leaders from the sixth and eighth wards went up to the Idaho Falls Temple and did Baptisms for the Dead. What a wonderful experience it was for everyone involved. We even had a few adult converts come with us and it was amazing to see them participate in the ordinances that would help bring those who have passed on the start of the wonderful blessings they will continue to receive as more work is done in their name. 

Just being placed in the YW, it was my first opportunity to go as a leader. I have great respect for the sisters that work there now and for my own leaders who had to watch over us while we, as youth, would go and perform baptisms. It allowed me time to get to know the girls that I am going to be working with as well as coming closer to my Savior. Even though I was there to assist, I still had many questions answered just from taking time to observe and listen quietly (when I wasn't "working" with the young women). 
By the end of the night, we had 19 young men and 17 young women from our two wards, plus an additional 5 young women from another stake who were walk ins, performed 452 baptisms and just over 452 confirmations! What a wonderful experience to know that 904+ people have the opportunity to accept those covenants and enjoy the blessings that come from them.

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