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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Modest Is Hottest

So this past Wednesday night for mutual, we took our girls to the mall for a scavanger hunt based on modesty. 
We started out the evening by gathering in a somewhat vacant corner of the mall and we all formed a circle and sang (with actions) Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
Then once we had completed that task we asked the girls why we had them sing that song and came up with that if you can reach your hands up and see your underclothes/sto
mach or if you can bend over and you see a part of the back or any frontal clevage then perhaps you are not dressed as modest as you should be. We also mentioned that modest clothing should not be tight fitting or revealing.

Once we had discussed on what being modest was, we broke the girls and the leaders (to make sure our girls didn't get into any trouble within the mall) into two groups and gave them a list. They had to find a MODEST church outfit, and out fit for everyday and an outfit that could be worn for a dance along with one PINK accessory. The outfits had to be something that the girls would wear. We also told them as a challenge to try and be frugal with their outfits the chose and a 30 min time limit. I have to say that my group (all beehives) found 4 complete outfits for under $72.00 and since we had some time to kill, we let them try on some dresses and took their pictures (only I forgot my camera and didn't think of getting out my phone). 

The girls had a great time and found some really cute modest outfits. It was a great way to help teach about being modest and allow girls to do something they love to do, go to the mall and shop (even if it was just window shopping!).

The girls in front of the fountain at the mall 
(sorry-it was taken with a camera phone from a distance so not very good)

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