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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update! Personal Progress Challenge

I just had to update you on how our Personal Progress Challenge game went during mutual this past Wednesday night. The girls AND leaders had a ball with it! They were very eager to get their hands on our buzzer (which I was glad to say was just a small squaky toy in the shape of a raccoon---anything harder than that would probably have caused some pain and bruises).

We also had Personal Progress Interviews/Evaluations  to see where each of the girls were (or rather to remind them that this was a perfect time to get started on their goals again). So as second counselor, I was over the Beehives and therefore was conducting interviews with my Beehive advisor, Sarah, and we were downstairs from where the game was taking place and their was a couple of loud "noises" that came thundering through the floor/ceiling. I sorta began to think that our bishops coffee table was going to come through the floor. Your probably wondering why we were at the bishops house and being so roudy is because our building is being remodeled so while the renovating is taking place, we meet for mutual at the bishops house since the bishops wife is the YW President. Anyway, I would definately try this game out if you are looking for a change to the regular PP activities

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